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What’s On at the Centre for Creative Health

Commercial Galleries | 5 September – 28 November

Balance and tension between the composed and the chaotic epitomise the two exhibitions currently on display in the Commercial Galleries.  Line, colour and form work together to create dynamic scrawling compositions that enliven the surface of the canvas.

‘Abstraction’ by Alison Aplin and ‘In Around Out’ by Arlon Hall will be on display until November 28th. All artworks are available for purchase and all sales help support South Australian artists and the Centre for Creative Health’s gallery program.

Alison is a multi-award winning contemporary designer who has always had a keen interest in art – especially contemporary and eclectic abstract works. This is the genre of Alison’s work – entirely individual though bold and colourful. Clearly expressed in her artwork is a passion for using the juxtaposition of different forms or shapes to create a balance critical to the finished product.

As a former trainee nurse, Alison commenced her nursing training at the old Royal Adelaide Hospital on April 1st 1971, registering in 1974. This was followed by Midwifery at the Queen Victoria Hospital. She is excited to exhibit her artwork at the new Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Her website is

BSTRACT #13_acrylic and oil 1000x1000mm Alison Aplin

AAA ABSTRACT #13 by Alison Aplin

BSTRACT #5_acrylic and oil 1200x1200mm Alison Aplin

AAA ABSTRACT #5 by Alison Aplin

Arlon Hall is a contemporary artist who graduated from the South Australian School of Art with honours in 2011. Predominantly working in painting and drawing, Hall’s current practice investigates the relationship between line and colour, fusing these elements together, exploring the moments in between and in collision. Through this ongoing investigation of drawing and painting, Hall is able to communicate particular concepts with the entanglement of colour, line and symbols through his abstract painting. He has recently been exploring ways to extend his painting and drawings through sculpture and installation. He is a member of the art collective ‘The Bait Fridge’, where his practice is further expanded through performance, dance and costume making. Hall also works as a secondary high school art teacher and consistently runs and assists workshops for Carclew’s Pom Pom Program. In 2015 Hall undertook a residency at Sanskriti Kendra, New Delhi, India through The Helpmann Academy. He has exhibited at a number of galleries through South Australia including the Barossa Regional Gallery, FELT Space, Peter Walker Fine Art and Fontanelle.

The work presented in the Sir Ivor Hele Gallery are an array of fragmented lines and colour that are assembled together to create resolved compositions. They can be interpreted as visualisations of one of the first stages of the healing process.

Bring Your Ashes To Me – Charcoal, graphite, pencil, chalk pastel, ink and acrylic on canvas, 137 x 167.5cm, 2017

Bring Your Ashes To Me by Arlon Hall

Neon Stutters in the Window - Charcoal, graphite, pencil, chalk pastel, ink and acrylic on canvas, 137 x 167.5cm, 2017

Neon Stutters in the Window by Arlon Hall

Emerging Artist Galleries | 5 September – 28 November

The artwork on display in the Emerging Artist galleries showcases vibrant and picturesque landscapes full of energy and colour. Created by the photographic duo Everlook Photography, ‘Oceanic Light’ takes you on a journey through the beauty and wonder of the natural landscape.

Visit the Emerging Artist Galleries from September 5th to view ‘Oceanic Light’.  Artworks are available for purchase and all sales help support South Australian emerging artists and the Centre for Creative Health’s gallery program.

My wife and I created our photographic endeavour ‘everlook photography’ in 2008. Together, we try to capture nature at its finest moments of light. We find great enjoyment in experiencing the natural world from as close as the roadside, to as far as multiday backpacking trips deep into the wilderness.  We feel blessed to have had the opportunities to visit wilderness regions around the world and hope that our images represent not only what we saw, but share the entire experience of being in that location. It is our hope to keep travelling and to keep experiencing nature’s many wonders as long as we are physically able. Sharing this journey with our children Jaime and Charlotte makes it all the more special.

As rewarding as working within a health care system can be, I believe that a fulfilling life requires balance; work with play, fact with fiction, science with art. I’ve always considered myself to be an ‘accidental artist’ whose wanderings into nature have serendipitously resulted in art that I can share.

Marianne Lim Remarkable Rocks

Remarkable Rocks by Marianne Lim

Dylan Toh Lake Oberon

Lake Oberon by Dylan Toh

Community Gallery | 3 August – 6 October 2018

Professor Eric Fahrudinov (born 05.06.1933 in Bolshaya Tsilna, Russia) is a former General Chief Engineer/Constructor of one of the largest rocket designing & constructing enterprises in the Aviation Industry of the USSR/Russia. He is a Doctor of Technical Science, an academic of the Academy of Sciences of Tatarstan and the Academy of Sciences of Russia, a recipient of the Soviet Government Award for Scientific Achievements, and was a lecturer at the Kazan University of Aircraft Engineering.

Throughout his career he has published over 250 texts and has patented over 60 inventions. He has also published 4 monographic books outlining his views on progressive economic and political reforms aimed at rescuing contemporary Russia from decline and corruption.

Now retired and living in Adelaide with Rose, his wife of 62 years and with his daughter and grandchildren close by; Eric is currently a patient of the Oncology department at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Inducted as a life-time member of the Professional Union of Artists of Russia, oil painting has proven to be a long term passion for Eric and his artwork most often depicts Russian or Australian landscapes. He has maintained his passion to create art despite glaucoma causing complete blindness in one eye and very poor vision in the other, and emphasises that his ‘lack of vision does not mean the lack of light’ in his artworks.

Believing ‘that art has a powerful healing and mood elevating effect and an inspiring influence on people’ and that ‘creative art helps in many difficult situations’, Eric hopes that in sharing his artwork, he will be able to motivate, inspire and help others.

Eric and his family would like to express their deepest gratitude to Dr Nimet Singhal and his team in the Oncology Department at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Gallery North_Eric Fahrudinov

Artwork by patient, Eric Fahrudinov

Gallery North_Eric Fahrudinov

Artwork by patient, Eric Fahrudinov

Artworks are for sale.

Please contact Fiona Borthwick for more information.

08 7074 1439