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Commercial and Emerging Artist Galleries

‘PORTRAIT OF KANGAROO’ is an up-close and personal series of large drawings of our National icon, the Kangaroo.

My quest in this series is to portray these animals as individuals, reflecting their unique personalities in an expressive form. Traditionally, kangaroos have been represented symbolically. I choose to depict them in an intimately analytical yet expressive form. This, is a rewarding challenge as I am breaking new grounds as an artist.

My work can be found in collections throughout Australia, UK, USA and Brazil and I am represented internationally by

Background story
My partner Wink (Annette Dempsey) and I live on a country property on the banks of the Murray River in Mannum, South Australia, some 80 km from Adelaide.
For many years we have surrounded ourselves with nature with Wink has a passion for rescuing injured and orphaned animals. As a result, we have a considerable number of native animals including kangaroos living on the property. Many of these were hand raised so they are extremely quiet and accept us as family. Their trust in us makes them perfect subjects for observation of their individual characteristics.

Arts in Health Statement

‘PORTRAIT OF KANGAROO’ An exhibition of visually powerful, yet intriguing and soothing drawings that give people a unique insight to the personalities of Australian kangaroos. Everyone knows them, but few see them as they really are.

Artist statement by Michael Chorney


Drawing of Kangaroo 44A by Michael Chorney

Drawing of Kangaroo 45b by Michael Chorney

Drawing of Kangaroo 46b by Michael Chorney

My visual art practice includes a diversity of creative media; public art, moving image, sound photography and painting. I am currently undertaking post-doctoral studies at the University of SA. The PhD is an investigation of restorative effects of landscape-themed artworks. Over three years I made and installed artworks in people’s work and study spaces at university campuses and a hospital, to determine whether a landscape painting was beneficial for people without a window view.

The subjects of my artworks are the natural landscapes I encountered in suburban Adelaide and when travelling in South Australia. On my daily walks I observed and documented places, seeking out vantage points, green spaces and water. The abstract quality in the paintings is the blur experienced from a turn of the head, or when riding my bike, or from long road trips to wilder places. These landscapes are depicted in motion, as I travelled through them.

My case studies show that a short ‘art break’ can reduce stress and mental fatigue by 20 to 40% for people spending long hours indoors. Landscape paintings can provide people with a moment of nature connection. Looking at the paintings evoked fond memories of time in nature and holidays with friends and family, contributing to a calmer mindset and positive wellbeing.

Arts in Health Statement

I experienced at firsthand the benefits of art in public spaces for patients, staff and hospital visitors through working on art projects at the Flinders Medical Centre and during a SALA residency at SAHMRI. My PhD research and artworks investigate the restorative effects of landscape art for people spending long hours indoors.

Artist statement by Bridgette Minuzzo

Bridgette Minuzzo with artwork

Road to Blinman by Bridgette Minuzzo

Waitpinga Farm by Bridgette Minuzzo


Patrick Heath is an emerging contemporary artist living and working in Adelaide, having completed a Bachelor of Art and Design (Honours) at the University of South Australia in 2017.

Patrick works with a focus on materials, collecting and experimenting with found objects, transforming the commonplace into strange or humorous new configurations which often reference major Modern art movements of the mid to late twentieth century.

This series repurposes the iconic patterned canvas awnings whilst imitating the hard-edge abstract paintings of the 60s and 70s.

“I am interested in the communicative potential of everyday objects.

These works exploit the familiarity of the distinctive fabric, prompting associations with home and nostalgia for a changing suburban landscape.”

Arts in Health Statement

I believe that art which reflects our shared experience is beneficial in building and maintaining a healthy community and that hospital galleries are an ideal setting for public engagement.

Artist statement by Patrick Heath

Cut out Shapes (Navy and Red) by Patrick Heath

Concentric Circles (Brown) by Patrick Heath

Floating Circles (Green) by Patrick Heath

Andrew Barr

Andrew Barr is a landscape painter and scientist who captures scenes from the fast- changing images found in nature on his canvasses. He uses impressionistic approaches to his paintings of the Australian outback that he has visited since arriving in Australia. He has developed a versatility of styles which keeps his paintings fresh and lively. His textured foliage, bright colors and sharp shadows capture the harsh vibrant colors of the Australian landscape. His paintings have been bought by corporate and private collectors since 1973.  In 2006 he joined the Scientific Expedition Group that conducts biological surveys in SA, where the inspiration comes for his landscape paintings.

Arts in health statement

Communicating through visual arts in a health environment is intended to trigger positive memories or feelings for the viewer. it can be a substitute for speech when words won’t do, becoming a distraction and an attempt to create a sense of well-being within the viewers.


Erika Walter

I was born in Adelaide and moved to the Adelaide Hills as an adult. I have always had a love of pattern, especially in nature, and I often draw inspiration from the landscape. I like to interpret the details of the environment I explore and experience.

My work often develops into a variety of objects, which envelop the female form, exposing underlying personal narratives.

My primary focus is the connection between nature and nurture, and on the intimacy of humans with the environment. And also the reverse, in this instance, the environment often enforces on to humanity. I use a variety of materials, including plaster and paper, which lends itself to the earth especially in the making. My artwork is honest and keeps me grounded. It is my comfort and teaches me patience.


Shirleyann Brough

My name is Shirleyann Brough, after my children grew up and left home and since retirement I have become a full time Artist. I have been painting for nearly 10 years, I paint from my Visual memory and love the use of colour.

My painting medium is usually oils and I paint with a palette knife, I have used acrylics and water colours but find the texture of oils give me the affect that I enjoy. I have had no formal training but have attended workshops and enjoy painting in a small group.

In 2011 I attended a 10 day painting class in Tuscany it was the most enjoyable thing that I have ever done.  The experience extended me in how I thought about art and the acceptance of my peers helped me gain confidence as an artist.

Over the past 10 years I have tried many different styles of painting from abstract art using mixed medium to predominately palette knife with oil paints. I have included photos of various paintings to show the evolution of my artistic style.

Outback Storm by Andrew Barr

Ceremony by Erika Walter

Just Joey by Shirleyann Brough

Old Ghosts by Shirleyann Brough

Artworks are for sale.

Please contact Fiona Borthwick for more information.

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