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Alison is a multi-award winning contemporary designer who has always had a keen interest in art – especially contemporary and eclectic abstract works. This is the genre of Alison’s work – entirely individual though bold and colourful. Clearly expressed in her artwork is a passion for using the juxtaposition of different forms or shapes to create a balance critical to the finished product.

As a former trainee nurse, Alison commenced her nursing training at the old Royal Adelaide Hospital on April 1st 1971, registering in 1974. This was followed by Midwifery at the Queen Victoria Hospital. She is excited to exhibit her artwork at the new Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Her website is

BSTRACT #13_acrylic and oil 1000x1000mm Alison Aplin

AAA ABSTRACT #13 by Alison Aplin

BSTRACT #5_acrylic and oil 1200x1200mm Alison Aplin

AAA ABSTRACT #5 by Alison Aplin

My wife and I created our photographic endeavour ‘everlook photography’ in 2008. Together, we try to capture nature at its finest moments of light. We find great enjoyment in experiencing the natural world from as close as the roadside, to as far as multiday backpacking trips deep into the wilderness.  We feel blessed to have had the opportunities to visit wilderness regions around the world and hope that our images represent not only what we saw, but share the entire experience of being in that location. It is our hope to keep travelling and to keep experiencing nature’s many wonders as long as we are physically able. Sharing this journey with our children Jaime and Charlotte makes it all the more special.

As rewarding as working within a health care system can be, I believe that a fulfilling life requires balance; work with play, fact with fiction, science with art. I’ve always considered myself to be an ‘accidental artist’ whose wanderings into nature have serendipitously resulted in art that I can share.

Dylan Toh Lake Oberon

Lake Oberon by Dylan Toh

Professor Eric Fahrudinov (born 05.06.1933 in Bolshaya Tsilna, Russia) is a former General Chief Engineer/Constructor of one of the largest rocket designing & constructing enterprises in the Aviation Industry of the USSR/Russia. He is a Doctor of Technical Science, an academic of the Academy of Sciences of Tatarstan and the Academy of Sciences of Russia, a recipient of the Soviet Government Award for Scientific Achievements, and was a lecturer at the Kazan University of Aircraft Engineering.

Throughout his career he has published over 250 texts and has patented over 60 inventions. He has also published 4 monographic books outlining his views on progressive economic and political reforms aimed at rescuing contemporary Russia from decline and corruption.

Now retired and living in Adelaide with Rose, his wife of 62 years and with his daughter and grandchildren close by; Eric is currently a patient of the Oncology department at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Inducted as a life-time member of the Professional Union of Artists of Russia, oil painting has proven to be a long term passion for Eric and his artwork most often depicts Russian or Australian landscapes. He has maintained his passion to create art despite glaucoma causing complete blindness in one eye and very poor vision in the other, and emphasises that his ‘lack of vision does not mean the lack of light’ in his artworks.

Believing ‘that art has a powerful healing and mood elevating effect and an inspiring influence on people’ and that ‘creative art helps in many difficult situations’, Eric hopes that in sharing his artwork, he will be able to motivate, inspire and help others.

Eric and his family would like to express their deepest gratitude to Dr Nimet Singhal and his team in the Oncology Department at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Gallery North_Eric Fahrudinov

Artwork by patient, Eric Fahrudinov

Gallery North_Eric Fahrudinov

Artwork by patient, Eric Fahrudinov

To coincide with Mental Health Week (7-13 October 2018) an exhibition of illustrations by international artist Marie Jonsson-Harrison created for the picture book Meltdown Moments were on display in the Royal Adelaide Hospital’s Community Gallery.

The book Meltdown Moments written by leading psychiatrist Dr Anne Sved Williams places an emphasis on the mental health and wellbeing of families and a desire to assist parents in raising a generation of happy, strong and resilient children. Through exploring the effect that changing parental moods or ‘meltdowns’ can have on children with a story about a parent who ‘loses it’, the book assists families to find better ways of dealing with issues and helps children navigate and understand changing parental moods.

Originally intended to help small children with a parent who experiences ‘meltdowns’ as part of the condition Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), Meltdown Moments is now a useful tool for many different families.

Community Gallery_Meltdown Moments

A Silent Rhythm is a collection of photographs by emerging artist Alice Blanch. The series was captured across the Australian continent with a particular focus on meeting points found within the landscape; where the land means the sky, the sky meets the ocean and the ocean meets the land’s edge.

Alice uses photographic film in antique cameras to capture emotive imagery of the landscape. Undertaking strenuous journeys on foot or by bicycle for days or weeks at a time through the landscape she is able to connect with the sublet rhythms present within nature. The resulting art works are evocative and quiet portraits of the landscape.

I am very glad to be exhibiting these works within the new RAH building and I hope that through these photographic landscapes patients, visitors and hospital workers can find a sense of clarity and calmness and experience a connection to the natural environment.

Alice Blanch Profile

Alice Blanch


Between Sunrises #12, 2016, Fine Art Photographic Print

Between Sunrises #12, 2016, Fine Art Photographic Print

Sonya Unwin’s studio practice currently focuses on the exploration of the horizon as an imaginary place, a philosophical, meditative threshold often represented in paintings as lineal. Aldinga Bay on The Fleurieu Peninsula has become the catalyst and inspiration of the paintings in ‘Summit at the Horizon’.

Unwin considers the horizon to be a liminal concept, a non-place of contemplation where the convergence of hues boasts a widely diffused light that changes often. The horizon presents an immense and unlimited space from which to paint both en plein air and in the studio.

Poetically there are connections with textual work from Gaston Bachelard and Cy Twombly inspires with his abstract mark-making and Rothko’s colour-field paintings continue to influence the compositions.

Artwork within a medical environment humanises the space, creating conversation, distractions and a sense of serenity in a sometimes emotionally charged space.

Long waits in longer corridors can be made easier by art that poses questions, creates laughter, encourages calm or is there purely for aesthetic connection.

This suite of watercolours holds a serenity inspired by the extraordinary beauty and energy of the coastal regions along the Fleurieu Peninsula.

Inspired by the ever-changing junction where sky and sea fuse. This sense of distance and the fusion of light, colour and physical elements play an environmental role in her psyche, connecting her to this place of calm, wild beauty.

Sonya Unwin is an artist, emerging curator and picture framer, with a studio at Collective Haunt Inc., Norwood. She holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours) from the University of South Australia and curates the Metro Art Space at The Hotel Metropolitan. Sonya was one of the inaugural SALA Artists in Residence at the South Australia Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) and is the current recipient of the Helpmann Academy 2017 Women’s and Children’s Hospital (WCH) Foundation Arts in Health Mentorship.

Sonya Unwin

Sonya Unwin

Sonya Unwin - Floating, 2018, Watercolour on Arches paper, 76x56cm

Sonya Unwin – Floating, 2018, Watercolour on Arches paper, 76x56cm

Ancient ancestral knowledge of native medicinal flora is taught as women gather traditional Bush Medicine, usually as a communal group, passing from the Elders and Aunties to the upcoming Keepers of this Knowledge – about the leaves, bark, fruits, bulbs, roots and grasses, varied across all nations.

Artists like to paint the beautiful medicine plants infinite forms, as in nature as on canvas. You will see “Healing Medicine Leaves” stories shown in many stylised Artworks, all sharing a calming effect and possessing exceptional creative, aesthetic and cultural merit.

Bernadine Johnson, a SALA 2017 Finalist with her amazing acrylic on canvas “Silver Medicine Leaves” is married to respected artist Stephen Martin Pitjara, who is Gloria Petyarre’s and Anna Pitjara’s brother.  Bernadine paints Healing Medicine in many forms and captures the colours in the air after rain in her strokes.

Gloria Petyarre, sometimes referred to as Gloria Pitjara, is one of the most famous and significant of all female Australian Aboriginal Artists living and working today. Gloria is a much repeated elder and has made an enormous contribution to her Community and Australia.

Gypsy Draven paints in passionate yet detailed and precise sweeping patters and writes big stories to go with them. She is strongly connected to nature and runs a personal natural food and medical garden. Gypsy is guided by her grandfather when she paints.

Audrey Brumby grew up and was a teacher in Ernabella. Audrey paints with the colours of the seasons in long gracious flows as we sway with the medicine reeds in the water or glide in the wind like an autumn leaf. Her artwork shows her love of her country as she paints.

The Circle of Arts Foundation is all about Healing with Arts. The beautiful free flowing artworks by the Aboriginal ladies in this exhibition are painted with love for their bushland. Love for the healing gifts in nature, used for thousands of years in traditional medicines. We are honoured to show this collection within such an ideal setting and hope that the gentle calming patterns bring you pleasure and bring you closer to nature.

Audrey Brumby - Bush Medicine, 45x99cm

Audrey Brumby – Bush Medicine, 45x99cm

Audrey Brumby - New Growth Spring Medicine Leaves and Seeds

Audrey Brumby – New Growth Spring Medicine Leaves and Seeds

Samuel Davidson has been in and around the ocean since childhood. Growing up in Goolwa, he learned to surf, joined the Port Elliot Surf Life Saving Club, studied Ocean and Climate Science at Flinders University and is now currently completing a PhD extending research in coastal environments.  All of this has given him a love and appreciation for the beauty found along the Fleurieu Peninsula’s stunning coastline.

After picking up a camera and water housing he decided to share this beauty and his passion with others, in hope they might gain an appreciation too.  All his photos in this gallery are taken at South Australian beaches in particularly near his home in Port Elliot.

Sam Davidson Profile

Sam Davidson

Sam Davidson - The Little Details

Sam Davidson – The Little Details

My recent Visual Art PhD research has been examining the singularities, complexities and overlooked aspects of place in the Mid North of South Australia. It has been a trans-disciplinary approach working with humanistic geographers, who also share an interest in reciprocal relationships with the natural world. Domestic settings have been a rich source of information for an artist-as-geographer, as vernacular architecture, adjusted material culture, and creative cultural practices provide evidence of the dwellers’ environmental awareness. Place forms but never seems to leave us, as my childhood memories confirmed.

Thoughts of my pioneering ancestors were never far from my thoughts. Even though they faced geographical challenges they learnt to love Australia. I, too, felt this ‘clearly invisible’ force in the Mid North that enchanted me. Little birds delivered greetings, gum blossoms cast perfumes my way, and the sentient hills seemed to record my return.

A previous Registered Nurse, I have also found the more recent volunteer work as a Lavender Lady in the ICU a precious and grounding task for myself as an artist.

Sue Michael - They Could be Enormous, 2014, Acrylic on Canvas, 60x148cm

Sue Michael – They Could be Enormous, 2014, Acrylic on Canvas, 60x148cm

Sue Michael Profile

Sue Michael

Catherine Fitz-Gerald’s art explores the different ways light and colour reveal form. Memory, mood and abundance are often the inspiration for works which explore the natural world.

As music can be transposed from classical to jazz, Catherine has transposed her realistic paintings into abstractions, creating six degrees of separation from the original subject in the process.

Transparency, opacity, tone and colour are used to form shape and depth. Images are built out of simple elements, focusing on creating a rhythmic dynamic between colour intensity and retreating or advancing hues.

The abstraction that results from this process does not intend to dispense with a recognisable subject, but to create works which explore slices of light and colour while still bearing a relationship to the original object.

Catherine’s art practise forms an integral part of her journey to health and well- being and her most recent work explores emerging science on how light and colour can affect our brains beyond regular colour vision through non image forming pathways.

Catherine Fitz-Gerald Profile

Catherine Fitz-Gerald

Transposition 17 – Harvest Gold, Acrylic on canvas 100 x 100cm

I am an emerging contemporary artist who is heavily involved in South Australia’s arts community. I exhibit work regularly throughout South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia. Most recently I have been chosen to represent South Australia at BOAA – the Biennale of Australian Art, Ballarat, in 2018.

In 2016, I was the recipient of the 2016 Arkaba Hotel Commission and the Adelaide Central School of Art, Fontanelle Residency. In 2017, I worked at the Adelaide Festival Centre as an Artist in Residence for both, the DreamBIG Festival and the SALA Festival, which was proudly supported by the Burnside City Council.  The work, Flyers, earnt the 2017 SALA Emerging Artist Award. In June 2017, I participated in a mentorship with the City of Tea Tree Gully – IGNITE public art incubator and have recently installed my first public art work in the main street of Port Pirie.

Jane Skeer works predominantly in sculpture and installation, creating work in response to her observations of people, objects and materials. Skeer re-presents discarded objects, highlighting the vitality she sees in them. A repetitive production process allows her the time and space to contemplate the material and work collaboratively with it to activate it in some way. Through her work, Skeer’s intention is to prompt us to rethink our relationship with the redundant, seeking to prove that the unwanted is in fact useful.

Jane Skeer Profile

Jane Skeer

Jane Skeer - Of Nature #14, 2017, Discarded Festival Flyers

Jane Skeer – Of Nature #14, 2017, Discarded Festival Flyers

Robert Habel’s paintings are concerned with the idea of a contemporary landscape. Subject matter takes the form of local contested landscapes such as the urban/industrial environment, reclaimed lands, and spaces effected by human interactions. For Robert, the landscape is a modern stage and a dynamic subject worthy of art making.

Robert paints on site, reacting intuitively to the landscape, incorporating changes of weather conditions and chance design opportunities derived from this type of physical practice.

Robert Habel grew up in Northern Tasmania where he started his art school training before moving to Adelaide in 1992 to complete a Master of Arts Degree at the University of South Australia. He has painted and exhibited widely throughout Australia and overseas. Robert is represented in South Australia by Worth Gallery.

Robert Habel Profile, Painting on Site, Wimmera Salt Lakes

Robert Habel Profile, Painting on Site, Wimmera Salt Lakes

Robert Habel - Salt Lakes #11, 2015, Oil on Canvas, 75x116cm

Robert Habel – Salt Lakes #11, 2015, Oil on Canvas, 75x116cm

This exhibition has been organised by a group of mainly Adelaide-based wildlife photographers who spend time in the field together, developing their craft and sharing in the experience of observing and photographing Australia’s magnificent flora and fauna.

The photographs are of non-captive birds and animals or non-cultivated flora, photographed in their natural environment.

“We enjoy the challenges that nature photography brings, always mindful that the subject is more important than the photograph. However, we are delighted to be able to share these selected images with staff and patients at the Royal Adelaide Hospital”.

– Barbara McFarlane on behalf of the artists.

Tim Newbery - Kangaroo

Tim Newbery – Kangaroo

Helen Lewis - Monarch Butterflies

Helen Lewis – Monarch Butterflies

Claire’s varied style ranges from realism to abstract: from expressionism to impressionism, with no particular style being favoured over another but rather, the style is chosen that she feels will best represent the subject of each individual piece. Claire’s been involved in art or craft for most of her life, both in business and for pleasure and although having studied at the North Adelaide School of Art, she is mainly self-taught, deriving inspiration from many artists.

In 2005 Claire was an Artist in Residence at The Parks Community Centre, during which time she not only had the opportunity to progress in her own art practice but was also able to assist members of the local community in various art and craft work-shops and to become involved in several solo and group exhibitions.

Claire Colbey Profile

Claire Colbey

Claire Colbey - Wild, Wild Flowers

Claire Colbey – Wild, Wild Flowers

Miranda has had a long association with the visual arts, traveling Australia painting large scale murals in many tourist destinations, illustrating a number of children’s books for publishers as well as experimenting with abstract and surrealism, using mixed mediums and exploring any materials that creates a texture for her own works.

Miranda’s enthusiasm to paint comes from her own backyard‚ living in the Adelaide foothills and her wish to bring the “outside‚ inside”. Also a surfer, many of her artworks reflect the ocean too with Miranda’s paintings exaggerating nature’s lines‚ shapes and colours‚ creating a modern and contemporary style.

Miranda Lloyd Profile

Miranda Lloyd

This exhibition brings together the various styles of Quoc Nguyen as he reflects on his love of nature, in particular flowers and birds.

Quoc uses a variety of media, watercolour, collage and acrylic with his favourite technique, the Chinese Style using ink.

Quoc is originally from Vietnam. He left his home in the Mekong Delta by boat in 1990 and spent three years in a refugee camp in Indonesia where he worked as a volunteer art teacher.

After viewing Quoc’s work, an Australian official determined he should migrate to South Australia where his talents would be appreciated.

Quoc - Cherry Flower

Quoc – Cherry Flower

Quoc Profile