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Panpapanpalya 2018 Joint Dance Congress

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Panpapanpalya 2018 the 2nd joint congress of daCi (dance and the Child international) and WDA (World Dance Alliance) Global Education and Training Network will be held in Adelaide from 8 – 13 July 2018.

CCH along with other institutes in the Bio-medical precinct, are partnering with the dance community to explore how creative dance builds community participants’ mental well-being. Spanning 12 months, this specific research project focuses on dance leaders and their community participants, providing a unique opportunity to gain insight into how creative learning through dance might build social and emotional wellbeing and resilience and prevent the development of chronic conditions such as anxiety, stress and depression across generations.

It also considers how creative dance may be utilised as an effective interventional strategy to promote mental wellbeing and improved health outcomes for participants across the lifecycle, assisting us to educate future generations about the benefits of dance as an inclusive creative activity that provides agency to participants.

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