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Activity Packs Spreading Joy to Children in Hospital

Facilitated through Centre for Creative Health (CCH), the loving ladies from Ashbrook Craft Group are putting together activity packs for children who may be in need of entertainment during a long stay in the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) Emergency Department.…

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  • Estelle Chappel and Julianne O'Connor

    Art Brightening up Palliative Care Rooms

    Visual art is a powerful medium for palliative care patients and their families who are going through an extremely difficult time in their lives. This is why Palliative Care Art Therapist, Estelle Chapple is thrilled to welcome over 60 new…

  • Artwork_Lou Gannon

    Putting the Pieces Together through Art

    Local artist in Residence Lou Gannon knows the impact of using art as a creative outlet for those who battle mental health issues seeing firsthand the positive change it brings to people’s lives.

    It was thanks to a generous…

  • Arts in RAH

    Introducing our RAH Art Galleries

    In line with the Centre for Creative Health’s (CCH) vision to make the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) a bright and warming environment for patients and visitors through art, we’re excited to announce the names of the three art galleries which…

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