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Artist Credit: Cassie Thring, Donald Crettenden and Dawn Gemmell


These galleries are located at Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre (HRC), Ward Block 1 on the ground floor near the publically accessible Café. The galleries are open between 9am-5pm, Monday – Friday and include three gallery walls.

  • Gallery Block 1, Wall 1 – 5.8m x 2.2 m
  • Gallery Block 1, Wall 2 – 5.6m x 1.2m
  • Gallery Block 2, Wall 3 – 9m x 1.2m


Please Note: The HRC Galleries do not extend over one continuous length. Each wall is separated by patient access ways, doors and signage.

These galleries are dedicated to supporting the work and careers of early, mid-career and established artists. CCH Curatorial staff aim to program a minimum of 4 exhibitions per year. Each display will last approximately 8-12 weeks with the final exhibition extending into January 2021. Where possible, the gallery program will actively participate and partner with festivals and events including the Adelaide Fringe Festival, South Australia’s History Festival, South Australian Living Artists (SALA) Festival, and TARNANTHI.

Artists are invited to sell artworks. In the instance that an artwork is sold, CCH will receive 25% commission to support CCH’s gallery program.

Exhibition requirements

HRC Galleries are located within a publicly accessible area on Hampstead’s campus. Therefore, artwork must be appropriate for display within a health and rehabilitation facility where a healing environment is paramount and incidental viewing will occur by people of all ages and diverse cultural backgrounds.

Artworks must adhere to safety standards and should not include any dangerous protrusions or sharp edges. CCH has initiated a ‘no glass policy’ for artwork displayed at HRC. Artwork requiring framing will need to use 3.5mm or 4mm Astariglas Cast acrylic sheeting.  Some mediums may not be accepted if considered a risk for infection control or occupational health and safety. If you wish to clarify the suitability of your preferred medium, please contact CCH Curatorial Staff.

Artworks must also be suitable for installation using a picture rail system. D-rings must be attached prior to delivery, fitting the dimensions of the space.

Artists are responsible for the transportation of artworks to and from HRC. Exhibiting artists should ensure they have appropriate insurance for the display of artworks in a public space.

Additional Application information

  • Eligible applicants for the HRC Galleries Call Out include early, mid-career and established artists, curators and artist collectives.
  • Applications should consider all artwork/exhibition requirements and the specified aims of the Centre for Creative Health’s Gallery Program.
  • Applications are to be submitted using the online form.
  • Additional information such as images and artwork information (including artist name, artwork title, year, medium and dimensions) should be provided and attached as a single PDF or Word Document.
  • Applicants must submit a current artist CV that is no longer than 2 pages for an individual or 4 pages for a group.
  • Please note clearly any dates you will be unable to exhibit between February 2020 and January 2021.
  • If you have a specific gallery space for your exhibition, please list the gallery details and provide a concise explanation for your preference. Curatorial staff will take this information into account but cannot guarantee allocation of galleries for successful applications.
  • The successful applicant will be sent an Exhibition Information Pack and Artist Agreement. This must be signed and returned to the Assistant Curator/Program Officer by a specified date (to be determined once selections have been confirmed).
  • For any additional information please contact Steph Cibich, Assistant Curator/Program Officer –


This Centre for Creative Health program is supported by The Hospital Research Foundation.