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There are many different kinds of contributions you can choose from that best suit your needs and passion for supporting best-practice arts, design programs and other creative initiatives at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Donate in Memory

We never forget the loved ones we have lost. A special way that some families like to honour the memory of their loved one is by making an In Memorial donation or setting up a Tribute Fund in their name to support the Centre for Creative Health.


Become a Tribute Giver

Tribute Giving enables family and friends to make a lasting tribute in memory of a loved one by holding an annual memorial event or making donations raised through events and activities to support the Centre of Creative Health in an area that was important to them during their life.

An event or activity can be anything from a get-together with family and friends, to an annual fundraising event in your community. If there was a particular area of creative health that your loved one was passionate about then please contact us and we will be pleased to assist you with your individual needs.

Every kind gift or donation to the Centre for Creative Health makes a difference to vital best-practice arts and design programs, projects and other creative initiatives, improving health and wellbeing for those we love. A Tribute Fund in the name of your loved one will enable the continuation of these important initiatives.

In Memorial Gifts

Memorial gifts enable family and friends to make a caring once off tribute gift in memory of a loved one through a chosen charity or organisation such as the Centre for Creative Health and can be arranged through any funeral home as part of the funeral planning service.

You can make an online donation in memory of your loved one to the Centre for Creative Health by selecting the ‘In Memoriam Donation’ option on our donations page.

Funeral notices will need to include:

‘Donations in memory of………………….. may be made to the Centre for Creative Health.

Memorial envelopes for the service can be requested by calling CCH on 08 7002 0877. We will ensure the family receives written thanks and a summary of everyone who donated in memory of their loved one. Donors will also receive a letter of thanks and a receipt for their donation to the Centre for Creative Health.

Workplace Giving

You can nominate the Centre for Creative Health as a charity of choice for your workplace to support through their workplace giving program.

What is Workplace Giving?

Workplace giving means you kindly choose to give part of your salary to the Centre of Creative Health each pay period. Supporting regularly through workplace giving means you are providing stable income for creative initiatives which promote a healthy lifestyle, improve treatments, recovery and end of life care. The success of our program relies primarily on community support and with your help we will continue to improve the health and wellbeing of our community.

How to get started

If you are interested in your company setting up a workplace giving program which benefits the community through creative health, then send us your HR Manager’s contact details via email or phone (08) 7002 0877 and we will contact them. We will let them know an employee has recommended us to become charity of choice and determine how salary donations will be made.

We can provide quarterly reports to share with you and other staff to show you exactly how your donations have helped.

Tax Benefits

If you donate $5 from your pay before tax then you will get the tax benefit upfront rather than having to wait until tax time. For more information on the tax benefits please visit the Australian Taxation Office’s website

Monthly Giving

Our monthly givers are a generous group of people who understand the importance of providing consistent support for vital creative health initiatives which promote a healthy lifestyle, improve treatments and recovery.

As a Monthly Giver you can choose to donate a dollar amount of your choice.  In doing so you will provide a steady stream of funding for vital research projects and initiatives that improve the hospital community, providing better mental health and greater well-being for staff, patients, volunteers and visitors.

To become a Monthly Giver;

• Sign up online quickly, easily and securely by clicking here. You can set up regular gifts using your Credit Card or via Direct Debit from your bank account.

• Fill in and return mail the Monthly Giving Form

• Or call us on (08) 7002 0877

If you choose to set up your regular gifts via direct debit you can view the Direct Debit Service Agreement here

For every $1 you donate to the Centre for Creative Health, we provide over $5 directly to improving the quality and experience of healthcare through the arts, design and other creative initiatives. This is because we are part of The Hospital Research Foundation (THRF) Group. Our administration costs are covered by THRF’s commercial business activities (such as its lottery program), which also boosts our funds to research and patient care each year.  You can view the audited financial statements of THRF here.

CCH financial statements will be included in the 2017/2018 report.

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