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Emerging Artist Galleries | 5 September – 28 November

Remarkable Rocks by Marianne Lim

Remarkable Rocks by Marianne Lim

The artwork on display in the Emerging Artist galleries showcases vibrant and picturesque landscapes full of energy and colour. Created by the photographic duo Everlook Photography, ‘Oceanic Light’ takes you on a journey through the beauty and wonder of the natural landscape.

Visit the Emerging Artist Galleries from September 5th to view ‘Oceanic Light’.  Artworks are available for purchase and all sales help support South Australian emerging artists and the Centre for Creative Health’s gallery program.

Emerging Artist Galleries – ‘Oceanic Light’ – Everlook Photography - Dylan Toh & Marianne Lim

My wife and I created our photographic endeavour ‘everlook photography’ in 2008. Together, we try to capture nature at its finest moments of light. We find great enjoyment in experiencing the natural world from as close as the roadside, to as far as multiday backpacking trips deep into the wilderness.  We feel blessed to have had the opportunities to visit wilderness regions around the world and hope that our images represent not only what we saw, but share the entire experience of being in that location. It is our hope to keep travelling and to keep experiencing nature’s many wonders as long as we are physically able. Sharing this journey with our children Jaime and Charlotte makes it all the more special.

As rewarding as working within a health care system can be, I believe that a fulfilling life requires balance; work with play, fact with fiction, science with art. I’ve always considered myself to be an ‘accidental artist’ whose wanderings into nature have serendipitously resulted in art that I can share.

Dylan Toh Lake Oberon

Lake Oberon by Dylan Toh

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