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Diversional Art


Rebecca, Diversional artist

Diversional art is artist-led activity where the focus is specifically on the activity. Long stay patients are often bored, anxious, frustrated and stressed at having to be in hospital for lengthy periods and diversional activity relieves the boredom and may reduce stress and lesson anxiety.

The generosity of philanthropic funds and a research grant have allowed us to engage two artists, Rebecca and Brad, to work as Diversional artists, adding a new dimension to clinical care in the Central Adelaide Health network.

Rebecca spends her mornings in the Kidney Dialysis Centre, Royal Adelaide Hospital as part of a research project evaluating the impact of art therapy on renal patients’ illness experience. The afternoons are spent on Level 9 working with neurology, stroke and geriatric patients either in their own room, in the ‘garden’ that has been created or in the activity room.

Garden in CCH

Garden in CCH

Brad works with patients at Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre-Ward 2A, long-stay patients across the Royal Adelaide Hospital and L9 patients in the ‘shed’ and in the activity room.

“The diversional art program on wing 2 is working exceptionally well. We have a number of patients engaging in a variety of activities who are happily occupied for periods of time during the day. There appears to be a more relaxed mood in many of the patients involved.” (Nurse Unit Manager)

Brad working in shed

Brad working in the shed