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Creating a Calming Environment through Art

Talented local artist Sarah Boese has completed a five-storey mural at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (TQEH), hoping to create a calming and welcoming environment for patients and visitors.

This mural, proudly funded by The Centre for Creative Health (CCH) symbolises compassion, anatomy and vitality through vibrant artworks.

Born at TQEH, Sarah shares a personal connection to the project, which inspired her to create two murals depicting healing and also helping people relax before coming to hospital.

Sarah has achieved this by painting the mural with a heart and a flower with butterflies, which symbolises transitions, rebirth and joy. A snake entwined around a branch represents the Rob of Asclepius, which is a Greek deity associated with healing and medicinal arts.

A second smaller mural symbolises lungs and healing; it shows a flourishing plant hanging above a hand and medicinal plants framing the image. The medicinal plants include Opium Poppy, Foxglove, Madagascan Periwinkle, Willow bark, Brugmansia, Belladonna and Australian plants used in Aboriginal medicine including Drooping Sheaoak and Eucalyptus.

Executive Director of CCH, Fiona Smithson says: “The Centre for Creative Health is proud to be supporting the spectacular murals and other art therapy projects within TQEH to demonstrate how art and design can improve health and wellbeing and ease the stress of coming to hospital.

“Sarah has done a magnificent job bringing to life her vision of health and vitality, while paying homage to the significance of the hospital to the local community and reflecting the indigenous and multicultural roots of the area.”

This project embraces art therapy and is one of many initiatives underway as part of the ongoing upgrades to TQEH.