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Bringing Earth and Water to the Walls of the Royal Adelaide Hospital


As one of the inaugural artists featured in the Centre of Creative Health’s Gallery Program at the new Royal Adelaide Hospital, Miranda Lloyd is honoured and humbled to be part of a slice of South Australian history.

Set to exhibit 28 pieces over a three month exhibition in the new hospital, Miranda will be covering Earth and Water themes, two integral components of the new hospital site.

With a long association with the visual arts, Miranda has travelled Australia painting large scale murals in many tourist destinations. She has also illustrated a number of children’s books for publishers as well as experimented with abstract and surrealism, using mixed mediums and exploring any materials that creates a texture for her own works.

Miranda’s enthusiasm to paint comes from her own backyard‚ living in the foothills and her wish to bring the “outside‚ inside”.

‘I was over the moon when I was contacted by the Centre for Creative health late last year presented with the opportunity to be part of the opening three months of the Royal Adelaide Hospital, which is truly on a world stage with amazing architecture, interiors and facilities,” Miranda said.

“It will be one of my most exciting opportunities to date, appealing to such a large audience with the traffic passing through including patients, visitors and staff.”

During her career as an artists, Miranda has been heavily involved in philanthropy, donating many paintings to health organisations including The Hospital Research Foundation, who coordinate the Centre for Creative Health as an affiliate brand. She is passionate about art in a hospital setting, helping set the ambiance of the hospital and creating a positive atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

“Art can be a talking point for people passing by. It can also be used as a therapy for mental health and stress, which will be very useful in the hospital setting,” Miranda said.

“When I paint I find it very calming and get lost in my own little world. I hope people seeing my exhibition in the Royal Adelaide Hospital will feel the same too.”

How to Purchase Miranda’s Art

All of Miranda’s art work is for sale in the Gallery Program, with an agreed percentage of the sale supporting the Centre for Creative Health.

If you would like to purchase a work, please see the friendly staff in the shared Centre for Creative Health/Wellness Centre located just inside the main entrance. A deposit with your name, address and contact details will be required. Once the exhibition has finished, your art work will be wrapped and stored until payment is finalised and you collect the art work.