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Arts in Health

Diversional Art

It is CCH’s aim to improve the quality and experience of healthcare through art and design and to develop quality arts-led health services to aid people’s recovery.

Similar concepts are used in other countries, particularly in Finland where play and creativity are understood to be fundamental ingredients of problem-solving, wellbeing and resolving health inequalities and dilemmas. For more than 40 years, Finland has had 40 arts promotion managers in government, tasked with ensuring that all citizens have access to the arts and culture services.

Since 2011, the Finnish government has led a series of major cross-sector projects as part of its Art and Culture for Wellbeing program. The implementation of these key projects has encouraged a surge of support from artists to frontline clinical staff and has resulted in the rapid uptake of arts and health initiatives. The Finnish have also identified a need to prepare and train artists to work in healthcare settings and clinical staff to work with art-based therapy.

Inspired by these positive experiences and evidence-based results, Manchester based clinical psychologist Katherine Taylor explored not only the Finnish initiatives, but also similar initiatives in other countries such as Belgium and America. Katherine then produced a report highlighting some of the most innovative, effective and ethical models of practice encountered.

CCH encourages you to read Katherine’s report, published through the Arts Professional website but also the reports and papers describing the programs and projects she explored.

You can read the report via this link: