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What is the Centre for Creative Health?

The Centre for Creative Health (CCH) aims to improve the quality and experience of healthcare through art and design; from living a healthy lifestyle, through to prevention, treatment, recovery and end of life care.

The CCH aims to enhance the art already integral to the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) by providing best-practice arts and design programs, projects and other creative initiatives to the Central Adelaide Local Health Network (CALHN). The CCH is part of The Hospital Research Foundation group.

Reflecting international best practice in hospital design, the RAH has leading edge facilities, increased capacity and flexibility, which will allow for further changes and expansion to meet the future health needs of all South Australians. While the primary function is to deliver medical care, the RAH has been designed with light-filled spaces, courtyards, lounge areas and a range of other adaptable spaces that attend to the emotional needs of the whole hospital community, providing better mental health and greater well-being for patients and their families, staff, volunteers and visitors.

Jane Skeer - Substituted, Photographed by Grant Hancock

Jane Skeer – Substituted, Photographed by Grant Hancock

Nurses doing Art

Nurses and a patient engaged in Diversional Art

About the CCH

The CCH was established to build on these current health outcomes, improving the quality and experience of healthcare through the arts, design and other creative initiatives across the continuum of care.

These include:

  • Creating a healing environment through rotating exhibitions of artwork, performance and other activities to improve healthcare culture
  • Establishing art, music, dance and writing residencies
  • Being a conduit for healthcare professionals and patients and their families to better contribute to the design of information, technology, services and medical devices
  • Assisting clinicians to engage with artists and designers to broaden the provision of healthcare using a range of art forms and through research – to better understand, educate and inform
  • Establishing partnerships between the healthcare, creative and academic sectors

In addition, the Centre will work across the biomedical precinct (Adelaide BioMed City) to create cross-disciplinary and inter-institutional collaborations, positioning South Australia as a research leader in this important field.

To support the sustainability of the arts in health program, the Centre has been established with a dedicated fundraising mechanism and its own board. All Programs, projects and initiatives will be funded through the CCH’s philanthropic and donor contribution and grants.

One hundred per cent of donations made to the Centre are directed through The Hospital Research Foundation to the arts, design and creative health programs and projects to benefit patients, families and staff at the new RAH.

The Centre for Creative Health will build on the art and design woven into the architecture of the new RAH (murals, gardens and sculpture), by providing arts and design programs and projects to improve the quality and experience of healthcare for patients, families and hospital staff.

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